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Jason Statham as Action Man?

JasonStatham.jpgCould this be true? Could Jason Statham be taking up the role of Action Man in the G.I. Joe film? After all if they are turning the American soldier action figure into a film, why not add the British one for maximum revenue.

Well the insider rumours are suggesting that Statham could get the part, although without any concrete confirmation as yet. I have to say he is the obvious choice isn't he?

IESB have the rumour that matches nicely the one we heard back in March that Mark Wahlberg was set to play Duke in the G.I. Joe film. Now this latest rumour would make for a rather cool cast. There's also a strong rumour that the script was written with these two actors in mind.

One thing we can say for certain, the Skip Woods script was written with Wahlberg and Statham specifically in mind and they are the first choice for Duke and Action Man.

However can you see both actors taking up the roles of kids action figures for the film? Let's not forget the rumour that Stephen Sommers has signed up to Direct, that's possibly strong pulling power for the actors.

I know I have no real interest in seeing the films, even with one of my favourite action stars Jason Statham and Stephen Sommers directing, mind you, maybe they'll completely modernise it and make it more of a reality based story?



Action Man was the original G.I. Joe. Honestly, I can't see this working if he's foreign.

Then again, if they want to revamp the Joes, they really need to go for a United Nations approach IMO. i'd love to see a flag waving dough boy movie myself, but let's face it. Everyone hates my country nowadays. :(

And i'm fairly excited about the movie, to be honest, Richard!!! now as long as they keep Cobra Commander and Destro.

Really? I guess there's maybe more to the character in the comic books then, because the thought of films based on action figures isn't really interesting to me.


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