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Justice League of America finds Superman

JusticeLeagueofAmerica.jpgIf rumours be taken for truth it could well be that Tom Welling, the actor who plays Superman in Smallville, is set to play Superman in the Justice League of America film, and another thing, it's not going to be all motion capture.

First up the motion capture part. From the sounds of it the film will not be all motion capture and CGI and instead will be live action with motion capture only covering difficult scenes such as those underwater.

Okay, so that story from IESB sounds okay on the surface, but I think it's going to pose the film a few problems it wouldn't have faced if it was all CGI. The biggest issue is the casting, they're going to have to recast two big superhero characters, in fact the leading superhero characters in the film industry, who are currently in their separate franchises and being played by actors who have established themselves in the roles.

So recasting these guys for Justice League of America is going to be difficult and getting them accepted by the fan base might well be hard, after all we're going to see two different actors on screen as Superman and Batman. I'm digressing a bit here, the point is that they'll have to cast strong actors and that costs money. With motion capture and CGI they could get away with any actor and even manipulate them more to look like the existing on screen characters.

This, as well as the whole live action part, will boost the budget too, but the other part that concerns me is scale, and I've said this a few times already. Bringing all these superheroes together, superheroes who can already defeat huge and powerful villains themselves, are going to be fighting together, and that means you need one hell of a believable villain against them, or multiple villains, and that's all cost.

Still, visually I think if they have the budget and scale live action is much better. There's a rumour that IESB have confirmed from multiple sources that Tom Welling is up to play Superman, and I think that's a fantastic choice. If you can't get the existing Superman actor then the one playing him on television makes absolute sense, especially as he's accepted as the character already and established with fans.

Batman's oing to be harder though.



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