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Kidman in more foreign horror

NicoleKidman.jpgNicole Kidman likes this horror genre, and particularly the Hollywood remake of foreign horror, as she is set to star and produce a remake for Universal from the Colombian horror film Al final del espectro.

In a growing trend of Hollywood to legitimise their remakes and hopefully to get them right, the remake will be directed by the Director of the original, Juan Felipe Orozco with Fernley Phillips adapting the script, Phillips recently wrote The Number 23 (Filmstalker review) and You Want Me to Kill Him?, and Roy “remake king” Lee producing, surprisingly – that's sarcasm by the way. The story comes from Variety.

Now already I'm seeing an issue. Sure, get the original Director in, but handing the story over to a Hollywood scriptwriter is still going to offer it up to the standard Hollywood template and bring the possibility of it losing the original appeal.

Fernley Phillips may not let that happen of course, and the issues with The Number 23 may not have been down to the scriptwriter, but the possibility is there. Sometimes Hollywood needs to realise that they do not know best.

Nicole Kidman will play a woman who experiences a terrible tragedy and becomes agoraphobic. Her father encourages her to take up residence in an apartment building so as never to confront her fears. However once there she starts seeing visions, hears voices and begins to grow concerned about her obsessive neighbour and what has happened in the apartment.

Al final del espectro has a good voting history on IMDB, and it sounds like a part that Kidman could carry off well, remember The Others?



Oh yeah, I remember The Others, and I can also still remember how I freaked out after!


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