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Li and Chan too old to fight in Forbidden Kingdom?

JetLi.jpgJet Li is already trying to lower expectations about his new film The Forbidden Kingdom alongside Jackie Chan. He's warning not to expect great fight sequences, and that does sound disappointing.

During a press conference Jet Li spoke up about how he and his co-star are a bit too old these days and aren't at their peak. Through Associated Press and Yahoo News he says:

"When Jackie Chan and I first wanted to work together 15 years ago, our passion was at its peak. ... Our desire to succeed was very strong...Now we joke that when we watch the `The Forbidden Kingdom' our combined age is 100."

That's not all though, when he was asked about the fight scenes we are to expect to see between these two martial arts film legends in the martial arts film The Forbidden Kingdom he says:

"How intense are the battle scenes? My mentality is to not have high expectations."

Oh dear. He's already saying they're getting on and then he comes out saying don't have high expectations? Do you think he's preparing us for a bit of a drop? I'm not so sure, I wonder if he's just being a bit coy about it all. After all why would Jackie Chan and Jet Li get together in a film with martial arts if they couldn't pull it off?



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