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Logan's Run gets first time Director

LogansRun.jpgThe Logan's Run remake was supposed to be a passion project from Director Bryan Singer, but then he just got too busy with everything else. Now though, instead of being dropped, the project has a new Director, and he's a first time feature Director too.

From the world of commercials comes Joseph Kosinski who will Direct the film from the script of Tim Sexton, the writer of the Children of Men screenplay.

The story comes from The Hollywood Reporter through IESB and gives us little other news. There had been rumours that James McTeigue who brought us V for Vendetta (Filmstalker review) was to direct, apparently not.

My guess is that the script for the new Logan's Run might be good, but the concern with an ex-commercials director is that the new Logan's Run will turn into something flashy and all MTV, when the original and the story is far from that.

The original Logan's Run is set in a future where those that turn thirty are killed in the guise of a ceremony called Carousel. The main reason for this is population control as resources are limited in this post apocalyptic society. However some people decide to run for a place called Sanctuary which may, or may not, exist. It's the job of the Sandmen to hunt them down and kill them. The film starred Michael York as the Sandman sho is turning thirty and decides to run along with a woman played by Jenny Agutter.

It's a great film, but the question is will they manage to recapture the feeling of the original, or will it become more like The Island?



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