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London Flood pictures online

Flood.jpgI so should be in bed right now, but I couldn't resist these pictures of the British disaster film which is due soon, Flood. It, surprisingly, tells the story of a natural disaster that threatens to flood London.

A huge tidal wave to sweep up the Thames which overwhelms the flood barrier and rising water creates an impending catastrophe and a father and son team of scientists are drafted in by the Government to try and prevent the city from being totally flooded.

Flood stars names such as Robert Carlyle, David Suchet and Joanne Whalley and is set for a UK release this year, which seems strange as according to IMDB it's been shown on Spanish and Italian television already.

Robert Carlyle hasn't seen many good things happening to London recently! Interestingly the Director Tony Mitchell has made a few other natural world and disaster films.

There are some stills online for the film over at MSN Movies through NoComment News, and with the CGI flooding they look pretty damn impressive, even if they are small.

I haven't seen that much about this film until these pictures, has anyone actually seen it as yet?



I couldn't believe it when I saw these pictures the other day. They look fantastic!



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