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Lumet's The Anderson Tapes remake

SidneyLumet.jpgArthur Sarkissian, the producer of the Rush Hour series, has an option on the Lawrence Sanders novel The Anderson Tapes which was previously made into a Sidney Lumet film starring Sean Connery in 1971. It seems that he is working on bringing another version to life from the original novel.

The original film had Sean Connery as an ex-con in New York who doesn't know that he's under surveillance while he is planning to rob a high-rise apartment building. According to Sarkissian through Variety, the new version will be transposed to Miami.

I've never seen the original film of The Anderson Tapes, but the thought of remaking a Sidney Lumet film might intimidate some people, he is a great director of thrillers and suspense. I'm pretty sure though that we won't see Connery returning for this film.



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