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McG on comic Maintenance

McG.jpgMcG is set to produce and possibly direct the comic series Maintenance about two janitors who work at a company that manufactures and supplies terrible weapons to supervillains.

Sounds interesting, and from the blurb they say that the two janitors are busy cleaning up toxic spills, fixing time machines, and if they get themselves together they just might save the world.

The comic was created by Jim Massey and illustrated by Robbi Rodriguez. McG seems to have a good handle on the film too as he speaks over at Variety about the direction he'd like to take it.

“Some of the films that made me want to become a director like 'Back to the Future' and 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' are based on action, comedy and ground-breaking special effects...It is my goal to make 'Maintenance' in the same tradition.”

It could go any number of ways, I'm thinking of Men in Black with the action of Charlie's Angels would be the way this might go, however I haven't seen the original comic material, has anyone else out there so that they can point us in the right direction?



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