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More Cloverfield monster details

Cloverfield.jpgThere are more details out about the monsters in J.J. Abrams' Cloverfield aka 1-18-08, and they confirm that there are going to be multiple creatures, that is if they are true rumours.

Now beware there are going to be potentially huge spoilers in the story, and they are going to reveal a lot about the monster and the plot. Of course, they might not be correct, but if they're right there's no going back once you've read them. Read on for the big plot and monster reveals.

These rumours come from agency sources through Dark Horizons and Rope of Silicon and tell us that the smaller monsters that we heard about before actually grow from the scales of the large creature and they are all carnivores and eat anything and everything. With that we can expect that everyone can, and most likely does, die. According to the sources even the leads are up for grabs.

Also there's no back story, it's just straight in with the monster arriving and being very miffed and hitting the action straight away.

I'm still concerned about having multiple monsters, that does seem like it will take the power away from the creature and it will miss the chance of pinning your fear to one thing. Mind you, what do I know, I haven't produced and directed major Hollywood films and television like J.J. Abrams and Matt Reeves.

Oh and I guess I can expect the Paramount lawyers to be emailing me in a few minutes about the latest Cloverfield spoiler.



some of that info might be correct but i dont think the little ones come from the scale. this looks like more of a movie where the humans are the hostes for the young. in the trailer it shows some one in a tent with two people in bio suits and all of a sudden her stomach grows and gesses are she pops and thats where the little ones come from. no ones really sure how u get infected but im pritty sure its that kind of a movie


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