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New American Gangster trailer online

AmericanGangster.jpgThere's a new trailer for the Ridley Scott film American Gangster online, and while the last one concentrated more on the performance of Denzel Washington as the 1970's drug lord in Harlem, this trailer looks more to the two sides of the story with more from Russell Crowe as the cop trying to bring him to justice.

The film is based on true events where a Harlem born man sets up the biggest drug importation business overtaking even the mafia who were very strong in those days. The scheme imports directly from South East Asia using the coffins of dead servicemen returning from Vietnam.

The new trailer for American Gangster looks really powerful, and I love the change of pace and the excellent backing music. Both performances look great, and this trailer gives much more screentime to Russell Crowe who looks set to give us a career high moment. Denzel Washington also looks set to excel as he returns to the bad guy role that he does so damn well.

Have a look at the exclusive trailer over at Empire [QT:L] and see what you think. Note that on my browser the controls for the Quicktime video didn't appear, so if you're looking to pause it and wait for the whole thing to load here are some controls.

Play/Pause is simply a mouse click on the video, but remember you'll most likely need a click to activate the embedded object. Cursor controls work for backwards and forwards when you've paused the trailer too. So with that knowledge in hand, get to watching.



A little different in tone for sure but other than that, not much of a difference. I think the first trailer did a fine job of setting things up. I'm just happy it's not a completely new cut that gives away another 2 minutes of clips. I *hate* that.

Oh I'm with you there, I hate it when a trailer gives away too much and ruins it. I like this trailer because of the more balanced view between the two characters, doesn't make Crowe seem like a support.


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