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New Batman and Superman for Justice League film

JusticeLeagueofAmerica.jpgIt seems as though neither Brandon Routh or Christian Bale will be appearing in the Justice League of America film although both Superman and Batman will. That means, if you haven't followed the logic there, that both Batman and Superman will be recast for the JLA film.

Okay, don't panic though, it looks like both Brandon Routh and Christian Bale will be retaining their current run as the respective superheroes in their own franchises, but for the Justice League of America film, where a collection of top superheroes get together to fight crime, they will be recast.

So we're going to see new actors in the roles while both Bale and Routh occupy them. Sounds rather strange doesn't it? According to the story in Moviehole that breaks it, the Director George Miller already has some ideas about casting.

You know I'm still not convinced that this film will work, I just feel it is too grand in scope, and with the individual heroes doing so much and saving the world single handedly so much on TV and film already, I find it hard to see a story that will work with all of them teamed up. Is there a villain that could take them all on convincingly? How about sending them into Afghanistan and Iraq?

As for the recasting, give George Miller a hand. Who could be cast as Batman and Superman in Justice League?



Seeing Bale and Routh in this moving is the only thing that made the idea exciting.

Okay, check the latest story for a big change in direction for the film.



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