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New Death Proof trailer and review

DeathProof.jpgThere's a new trailer for Death Proof online which is superbly put together, it looks really good and does the film proud.

I managed to see the film at the Edinburgh International Film Festival this year and I rather enjoyed it, apart from some Quentin Tarantino moments that I felt just went a little too far, I thought it was a good film and didn't deserve the trashing it received as part of Grindhouse.

I'd recommend reading the non-spoiler review right here on Filmstalker.

The sexy, noisy, and glitzy trailer for Death Proof is over at Brightcove [Flash] through Empire, and I'm quite taken with it. Of course the fast ladies and the sexy cars have nothing at all to do with it!

I'd say that the film is well worth a visit when it finally gets released on 21st September in the UK, the second last release on that long, long list.



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