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Norton writes The Incredible Hulk

EdNorton.jpgI saw this story a while ago but it didn't really grab my interest, but now that we hear the full confirmed story I'm quite surprised that Zak Penn's script for The Incredible Hulk is being dropped in favour of Ed Norton's, presumably it's a superb one.

It seems that Zak Penn had written three drafts of the script over a year and in early 2006 Louise Leterrier and the studio still weren't happy with the final offering.

Then Ed Norton appeared to talk about being Bruce Banner, a move that surprised me at the the time, and frankly still does, and while he was there he voiced his ideas about how to distance this film from the Ang Lee version – a film I believe will rise in popularity given time – and he was asked to write the script too.

So according to the L.A. Times through Coming Soon he dropped everything to get working on the script for The Incredible Hulk and delivered in less than a month, and word is that he's tweaking it as they shoot.

I wouldn't say I really know Edward Norton's writing talent, in fact I can say I have no idea how good he is at it, what's interesting though is that he's diverted his career to go wholly into a superhero franchise, writing and starring in it.

I guess I wouldn't find it so strange if the Director was at Ang Lee's calibre and the budget was the size it was back then, but word is the budget is smaller and Louis Leterrier's Transporters or Unleashed, while both are really good, he isn't at the calibre of Ang Lee's career. I wonder just how different they are going to make this film, and is the focus on making it different to Lee's or making it a good film? Hopefully the latter.



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