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Old News: Ratner's Trump Tower Heist film

BrettRatner.jpgThe story that Brett Ratner is directing Eddie Murphy and Chris Rock in a film about a Heist on Trump Towers came out in November of last year.

Brett Ratner is now saying that they are after a much bigger cast and are going for an all black actor/comedian line up and producing a film much like Ocean's Eleven.

I think that sounds great, especially since he's mentioning names such as Chris Tucker, Dave Chappelle and Jamie Foxx, but nothing's concrete and this all sounds like wishful thinking, especially with Jamie Foxx.

Since November we've known that Ratner has Eddie Murphy and Chris Rock looking at the story from Russell Gewirtz who wrote the Inside Man (review).

That in itself is interesting, and the premise from back then was:

“...the idea is that they are janitors who stage an elaborate hi-tech plot to hide their rather more simple burglary of the luxury tenants.”

In a way that seems like Ladrón que roba a ladrón, the film I posted the trailer for earlier today, which sees two professional thieves hiring day labourers to get into a rich man's mansion in order to rob it.

The wish list from Ratner through Moviehole and Obsessed With Film makes it clear that the project isn't really any further forward. It's a great idea to go for the big names and a huge cast, but would they manage to get the budget together for all those names?



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