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Owen Wilson out of Tropic Thunder?

OwenWilson.jpgIt appears that Owen Wilson will be dropping out of Tropic Thunder, despite there only being a week's worth of work for the star.

Now as you know I'm not into talking about the stars private lives too much and so all I'll say on this subject is that I wish Owen Wilson the speediest and best of recoveries, and I'm sure you'll join me in that sentiment too.

However I am going to miss him in Tropic Thunder and any other that he has to pull out from. I think he's a strong actor and great fun in all the films I've seen him in, I would like to see him tackle more serious roles though.

The Hollywood Reporter carries the news that with Tropic Thunder, the comedy from Ben Stiller about the actors caught in a real jungle war, six weeks into shooting, it looks like he's not going to appear. At the moment the story comes from an inside source and both DreamWorks and Wilson's publicist have declined to comment.

"Ben and Owen have made eight movies together...And he can't wait to work with Owen again. It's just not going to be on this film."

Are the source's words to Variety which do bring good news in that the star will return to film, but again I'd like to see him more away from the Stiller-esque comedies.

That aside, once again, best wishes to the actor and to all those going through similar tough times.



I hope he realizes how much joy he brings to so many people and doesnt' try anything like this again.


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