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P2 teaser looks awful

P2.jpgThere's a teaser for the horror P2 online at the new website and quite frankly it's rubbish.

What between the huge pauses in Mr Voiceover man's speech and the words in the speech themselves, there's the fact that there's no footage of the film in there and that this seems to give a different feel to the story than the one that's printed with the blurb.

You can see the trailer for P2 over at the P2 official site [Flash:Embed] through HorrorMovies.ca.

However the film is from the talents of the people behind Haute Tension / Switchblade Romance (Filmstalker review) and The Hills Have Eyes (Filmstalker review), and of course Rachel Nicols stars, so we should have a lot of hope for it shouldn't we? However this teaser really doesn't help much.



There's always been the odd horror film that's had a lass walking back to her car only to get sliced to ribbons - now they're going to extend it over an hour or so? Great minds of Hollywood - we salute are not worthy. *single very slow clap*

Nice, I like that clap description, I can see it now.

Yeah, I wonder how they can do it, but you do get the sense that it's one of these ideas that if there was a special twist or style used, it could just work. However I think there's much more chance it'll turn out to be pretty bland.


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