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Parker says Sex and the City close

SarahJessicaParker.jpgSarah Jessica Parker has admitted that Sex and the City isn't quite there, but that the stars are deep in preparation for it. She also reveals a little about the setting.

She is staying very tight lipped about the film, but the key thing she says is that although it's closer to happening than ever before, there's still a few things that the studio need to approve first.

“We still have some stuff to iron out, silly stuff before a studio says OK. It looks closer to actually happening. It's a dream. We know it's (storyline) in the present. All else has been wiped from my memory.”

The comment comes from WENN through Starpulse News Blog and it raises the same amount of doubt as certainty. Okay, so they are closer than ever before, but what's there for the studio to okay if they are all ready and preparing for the film right now?

Perhaps Sarah Jessica Parker's comment really is nothing and the Sex and the City film is going ahead anyway. If it is then we're going to see it set in the modern day, and that means a lot of time has passed since Carrie and Mr Big got back together.



a bunch of girls have coffee, meet guys and have sex. That was the plot of the series and while i can see the attraction for some people for light hearted entertainment, do we really need a longer version of an episode?

Or maybe it because the cast realise success outside of "sex and the city" is more difficult than they thought?

The film will be pants, guarentee and will be a box office smash and i will probably be dragged along to watch it. arrggggggggggh.


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