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Portman and Li in martial arts Snow White?

JetLi.jpgThere's a new Snow White film coming to our screens, and it will capture something totally different to those before it. This film will see the classic story moved into 19th Century Hong Kong and featuring Shaolin Monks.

The film will be a fantasy adventure from Francis Lawrence, the Director of Constantine and I Am Legend, and is running with a working title of Snow and the Seven. It will see a British girl raised in Hong Kong and when she realises her destiny is to conquer an evil force she begins her training by seven Shaolin Monks. Now that does sound different! The story comes from Hollywood Reporter through Yahoo News.

Yet a another source, although one that is more prone to rumours, has a story about a Snow White martial arts film which will be directed by Yuen Woo-Ping and star Jet Li and Natalie Portman.

The story from Asian Popcorn through StarpulseNews Blog reveals that Yuen Woo-ping is set to direct the film which is set thousands of years after the original tale when the Princess has been reincarnated into a young woman. Her evil stepmother wants to find the seven pieces of her magic mirror to restore her power, and Jet Li leads seven Shaolin warriors to protect her and the mirror.

Are these two stories connected? Is this even the same film? The stories sound great, and it could well be that these are actually the same film, mind you it isn't unheard of to have two productions going at the same time on the same film.



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