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Punisher 2 gets titles and characters

ThePunisher.jpgContinuing his crusade to punish the killers, the rapists, psychos & sadists, former FBI agent Frank Castle, now known as The Punisher will be back in action, this time looking a bit like Ray Stevenson as we've heard last month. In our article there was also a rumour of the villain Jigsaw appearing. Well we have more to back up that theory. In fact some other characters have been mentioned too, as well as a title: Punisher: Welcome Back Frank.

The guys over at Movie Hole have put together a list of characters to appear which include Jigsaw, his nutcase brother LBJ, an FBI agent on the Punisher's tail, a Detective Soap (who may ring familiar to the comic readers), Microchip, the Punisher's supplier of arms and the Donatelli couple with a story of their own.

I pretty much stand alone with my view that The Punisher was actually pretty decent. Well, what can I say? I thoroughly enjoyed it. For this reason, I'm still moping a bit over the loss of Tom Jane in the sequel, I thought he was perfect as Frank.

It has to be said though, the characters they've come up with seem to fit the theme of what I'd expect from the Punisher series, I'm pretty sure with former World Karate and Kickboxing Champion and Green Street director Lexi Alexander pulling the strings, things should be in order.

So my only concern at this stage is whether Ray Stevenson shall live up to the character. I've never seen Rome (the tv series or the city) so I can't really judge but I guess time will tell. When images and trailers emerge, my doubts will probably come to a halt. What do you think? Anyone think he's perfect for the part or otherwise?

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