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Raimi's choice for Spider-Man 4 Director?

BruceCampbell.jpgI have to say that this rumour sounds fantastical, but an inside source says that Sam Raimi has an eye on someone to direct Spider-Man 4 if he doesn't, and the word is it will be one of his friends who has been involved in these kind of films before

Now considering how early on in development the film for Spider-Man 4 actually is, since they are just looking for a writer now and Sam Raimi doesn't even know if he's going to direct or not, I think it might either be an offhand comment or suggestion, or perhaps something to whip the fan base into a frenzy of speculation.

Well done on that score then, because the only person that Rafe from Cinema Blend (and this goes for me too) can think would fit the bill would be Bruce Campbell.

They have the rumour from one of their reliable sources that Sam Raimi wants more Production control over the fourth film from Marvel, and that if he doesn't get it then rather than create another Spider-Man 3 he's going to pass onto another Director and keep his hand in the background, presumably trying to keep Marvel off the film.

Could you see Bruce Campbell directing Spider-Man 4? Personally I don't think it'll go that far and Marvel will back off and allow Raimi the control he wants to create something along the lines of Spider-Man 2.



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