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Ray Winstone leads The Sweeney

TheSweeney.jpgHere's a TV show that I missed for the latest feature, The Sweeney. I wrote about this adaptation last year and it appears that it is heading well into production, and the classic 1970's gritty police drama is taking shape.

As I wrote about before, they are updating the film and bringing it into the modern day, but at the same time keeping the same level of violence and swearing as the original, nothing new for a Nick Love film then!

Previously Andrew McDonald of DNA films said:

”We want to make it as a contemporary police story, not a period piece, but just as violent and sweary as the original. Its about an older cop who's in the second half of a career that he has spent in relentless pursuit of the job, grappling with how the world has changed.”

The Sweeney, a British police show that ran for four years from 1975. It starred John Thaw and Dennis Waterman, and was based in The Flying Squad, which dealt with violent crimes. To be honest it was probably way more violent and gritty than most TV programmes on nowadays.

The lead role, that was played by the excellent John Thaw, is to be played by the equally excellent Ray Winstone. He's the perfect choice for the role, and the question will be who is going to play the Waterman character.

The original creator, Ian Kennedy Martin, is on the film and is co-writing with Nick Love.

Having seen Love's Outlaw (Filmstalker review) and The Business, I think his style would suit The Sweeney well. However I do think that he has had a tendency to go slightly over the top before, although I do think that he hit the mark with Outlaw.

Sweeney was a cracking series, and thanks to AICN through the excellent Obsessed with Film for the reminder that the film is ongoing. Now if you can't remember seeing The Sweeney, the classic British police series, then here are a couple of tasters of the show over the page.

Violent, real, gritty, and that classic line “Shut it!”.

Car Chase

Fight Scene

Regan threatens a man

Regan threatans a woman



danny dyer would be perfect alongside ray winstone


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