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Repossession Mamba gains Braga

AliceBraga.jpgRepossession Mambo already has Jude Law and Forest Whitaker on board, but now Alice Braga has joined.

Braga is most known for her role in City of God and is set to appear in I Am Legend, Crossing Over, Redbelt and Blindness. Miguel Sapochnik is directing from an adaptation of Eric Garcia's novel which tells the story of a man who reclaims rented organs when their recipients can no longer pay the money.

In Repossession Mambo Jude Law plays the repossession man who has to have a new heart, and when he himself can't make the payments he goes on the run with Alice Braga's character, it's then up to his old partner played by Forest Whitaker to chase him down.

The story from Reuters through Yahoo News sounds a little like Logan's Run mixed with that famous Monty Python sketch, however it is a strong cast so far.



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