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Resident Evil: Extinction clip online

AliLarter.jpgThere's a clip online from the new Resident Evil film, Resident Evil: Extinction, and you know what, it looks good. I'm starting to wonder if this film is actually going to turn out to be really good.

Now I'm not denying it, I liked the first Resident Evil, I thought it was a good adaptation and a good film, I'd actually rank it pretty high on the videogame films to date. I wonder though if this third outing is going to knock it down a spot?

You can see the clip for Resident Evil: Extinction over at NBC [Flash:Embed] through AITH, it apparently aired during last night's Heroes episode, and there's a nice introduction from the incredible Ali Larter with the husky voice.

Seriously, could this work out well? I mean even the whole crows thing was working rather well, it didn't come off as cheesy as I thought it would.



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