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Romero wants Witch remake

GeorgeARomero.jpgGeorge Romero has said that he would like to remake his film Hungry Wives, or Season of the Witch, as he never really managed to complete the film properly as it ran out of money.

In an interview over at Comic-Con where he was talking about the films he would like to remake. He revealed that he has plans to make another zombie film, and this one would be an all out zombie comedy, more on which he couldn't reveal as he said it was definitely a one trick pony.

Season of the Witch is a film that carried a mere ninety thousand on its budget, and as they neared completion the budget ran dry so they had to rush the finish of the film. Speaking over at IGN he said:

"I've always felt that it's not really a complete work. We sort of managed to get a rope around it and finish it in a halfway decent way, but it's the only one that I'd like to redo...

...I think it could be pertinent in a different way...There are still women's issues and there are still jerky guys like [Joan Mitchell's] husband, still brutal - to say nothing of being insensitive, but actually brutal - so I'd like to remake it."

The story sees a bored suburban housewife turn to tarot cards for a reading and slowly gets drawn into a world of witchcraft where she believes she is a real witch. Her real life begins to seep into her fantasy world and before long tragedy ensues.

It would be interesting to see George Romero taking on a non-zombie project these days, especially since that is all he seems to be making just now. I think it might also be a wise choice for him considering that the zombie genre is so saturated at the moment, I mean tackling a zombie comedy might not be such a wise idea when we've seen the beauty of Shaun of the Dead.



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