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Rosario Dawson to star in online series

RosarioDawson.jpgRosario Dawson has been a busy lady of late. She's starred in Death Proof and Descent, and has signed up for another two films as reported on Filmstalker recently. Next up is an online sci-fi series called The Gemini Division. Dawson will produce and star in the series which will consist of 100 3 minute episodes, the series will mix both live action and motion capture techniques.

Hollywood Reporter has the story through Yahoo! News. The plot sounds like this:

She will play a New York cop whose investigation of the bizarre murder of her husband leads to the discovery of a global conspiracy involving the creation of simulated live forms that have assimilated with the unsuspecting public.

Dawson has teamed up with Stan Rogow, Brent Friedman and Jeff Sagansky on the project, who between them bring experience of TV, gaming and film. I like the sound of this, an amalgamation of film, TV and the web. And of course they are leaving open the possibility of a standalone television series, game and feature film. It will be interesting to see how it turns out, if it's successful we may see more of its kind.

What do you think is this something you would regularly watch on the web?



Yeah, if I rmember to look it up, I would def check this out. Dawson rocks more and more and I think changing the way films are shown is a good thing sometimes. I would very much look forward to seeing a bunch of three minute shorts.

I think that would be the problem I would have, remembering when the next one was up. Unless they had an e-mail reminder service, that would help.


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