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Russell Crowe as a Klingon?

RussellCrowe.jpgThere's a rumour circulating that the new Star Trek film is to capture a big name in the role of the main villain, and that big name could be none other than Hollywood baddie Russell Crowe.

The rumour says that the Star Trek production is being viewed with hungry and eager eyes over at Paramount and that they are really willing to push the boat out and give the film a few big cast members. Russell Crowe though? I'm not so sure.

The rumour comes from IGN through Cinema Blend, and while it's a corker and imaging Crowe made up as a Klingon would be superb, I'm not so sure I can see him going for this kind of role. He's picked a few odd ones in his time, but he's not really entered the realm of science fiction films or films with a huge fan following such as Star Trek.

Could you see Crowe taking up this role? I doubt it, although I do think that it would be a superb match up, he does play a great and menacing villain. I think they should continue with the trend of casting actors such as Ricardo Montalban or Christopher Plummer, actors that feel like they are on stage doing Shakespeare and taking that same depth and power to the screen performance. These are the villains I love in Star Trek.

Crowe? For me he's a rougher, dirtier villain, who'd not bother with a speech and standing aloof, and that kind of villain belongs more in a thriller than Star Trek. What do you think of Crowe for the role?



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