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Sand and Sorrow examines Darfur genocide

GeorgeClooney.jpgHBO has bought the rights to a documentary called Sand and Sorrow which looks Darfur and the latest genocide in Africa – that’ll be the latest one after all the previous that the U.N. said would never happen again.

Sand and Sorrow is narrated by George Clooney and documents the events that led up to the rise in power of the Arab dominated Government. It also looks at the world’s failure to do anything about such genocides and crimes against humanity, something that they have failed to do time and time again.

Ever since I read the Shake Hands with the Devil book about the genocide in Rwanda, I’ve been extremely passionate about all the World’s Governments need to come together and stop these mass murders as soon as possible, no excuses, no politics. I fear that this documentary will be a mirror to those events in Rwanda as well as so many others.

The director of the film, Paul Freedman, said through Yahoo News:

"The tragic events taking place in Darfur unfortunately are a continuation of the lack of response from the international community in protecting millions of innocent lives from their own government"

I’m sure that the film will be a harrowing one, but one that needs to be seen.



An unwatchable film that i will have to see.


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