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Scary Whisper trailers

JoshHolloway.jpgI've never really heard about this film before, but Whisper stars Josh Holloway from Lost, looking just like he's straight off the Island, and there are two trailers online for the film.

The story is about a kidnapping of a young boy from a well to do family that seems to be going perfectly to plan. However it seems that the boy has an agenda of his own and has some rather interesting powers which he uses on the kidnappers.

The first trailer looks rather confused for the first half and it leaps about a bit, but the closing half looks a lot tighter. The second trailer is more coherent though, and it builds the story as well as the scares much better. This kid looks damn scary.

You can see both trailers over at TerrorFeed HorrorMovies.ca.

Has anyone else heard about the film? Is Holloway moving onto something good from Lost, or should he just stay on that island?



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