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Schwimmer joins political drama

DavidSchwimmer.jpgNothing but the Truth is the film based on the true story about a newspaper reported who reveals a CIA agent and is then sent to prison for not revealing her source. David Schwimmer is set to join Kate Beckinsale, Matt Dillon, Vera Farmiga, Edie Falco and Alan Alda in the Rod Lurie written and directed film.

Kate Beckinsale is playing the journalist and David Schwimmer is going to be playing her husband who initially supports her but then begins to resent her decision to hold strong to her principles and not give up the source. The real story had plenty of political intrigue and even involved President Clinton at one point.

This casting news comes from The Hollywood Reporter.

It marks something of a change for Schwimmer, and a good one at that, it would be great to see how he performs in such a powerful film, as after seeing Big Nothing (Filmstalker review) I thought that he really did manage to drop his Friends persona, now he just needs to keep the momentum going unlike other Friends actors, something that he seems to have faltered with on Run Fat Boy, Run.



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