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Scorpion King gets a sequel

Rock.jpgIt's crazy, but it's true (queue for a song) Scorpion King is getting a sequel and they're replacing The Rock with someone that will look and act just like him. That is if the casting call works.

The title for the film is The Scorpion King: Rise of the Akkadian, and the casting call, which comes from Moviehole, tells us that they are looking for someone who will look just like The Rock.

“There is no requirement to look exactly like a young Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, but we still need an EXOTIC QUALITY: Polynesian, mixed race, Arabic, brunette. NOT blond. We also need our Mathayus to reflect the charisma and comedic elements of the character created by The Rock”

Well that's an exact replacement then, or close enough. The plan for the film is to show the backstory of the warrior and his relationship with his love Layla. (Queue for another song)

I hate the idea that there's going to be a sequel that is looking to replace the lead like this, okay The Scorpion King wasn't fabulous, but it wasn't all bad. However to replace the lead like that for a cheap sequel isn't a great idea, nor does it usually work out. Note that the sequel carries the same name as the videogame.



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