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Scorsese drops out of Frankie Machine?

MartinScorsese.jpgI think I might have to start a rumour category and confirm or kill them in proper news stories soon as the rumours are just getting rife. The latest is that Martin Scorsese has dropped out of the new gangster film starring Robert De Niro.

There's no real reason given as yet, but it is clear that if Martin Scorsese leaves then the production of Frankie Machine in it's current incarnation will die. That's not to say that someone else could take up the film of course, Robert De Niro himself perhaps? See that's how easy it is to start a rumour.

Not that I'm saying that the rumour from sources via Collider is made up, I'm just making the point about how easy it can be to start rumours in general. Really I am, don't load typed words with the wrong meaning!

I'm sure there's going to turn out to be more behind this rumour and there'll be a strong reason for the move on, perhaps both Director and star are going onto something else together, perhaps there's a better film that Scorsese is working on next.

So far though it looks as though Scorsese has moved on and the next promised gangster teaming with De Niro is on hold. That's a shame as this story, adapted from the novel by Don Winslow (Amazon.com / Amazon.co.uk), did sound extremely interesting. A retired hitman with a successful business and a new life is pulled back in when the local boss asks him for a favour which he then has to deliver. The announcement for the project was just a few months back.



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