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Scott backtracks on Blade Runner sequel

RidleyScott.jpgRidley Scott has been backtracking on the comments he previously made about a Blade Runner sequel, and perhaps for good reason. He's just readying the Blade Runner: Final Cut multiple box sets for release on the general public and there's perhaps not way he could improve on the cult classic, whichever version you prefer.

"There is no sequel. And I intend probably never to do a sequel... If they want to do a sequel? Fine."

Those are Ridley Scott's words through WENN and Hollywood.com, and I tend to believe this is the more realistic comment. Saying that he would look at scripts to develop a sequel to the classic Blade Runner was perhaps a bit ambitious and opening himself up for a deluge of half attempted sequel stories.

So perhaps this is the safer option for him to distance himself a little. Still, he's not saying he'd never do it, he's just saying enough to ensure he's not attacked with script after script, but left the door open for a sequel if the right script comes along.



Oh god. A sequel? A 65 year old Deckard? Rachael the Replicant doesn't die? Oh dear...


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