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Server moves and Filmstalker writing

Hey all. Tonight around 21:00 UTC/GMT the site will be moved to a new server which will offer more resources for Filmstalker and MovableType, hopefully this might go some way to increasing comment posting speed, and will definitely help the site in general.

I've also made a great hosting deal with Webattention and I shouldn't be seeing bandwidth problems for a wee while.

Anyway, come 21:00 tonight we might see a few issues with commenting, but the move should be completed within the hour.

Also, a little update on other things. Ramchandra and Simone are going to be doing some reviewing for the site, the first of which you should start seeing over the next few days, so look forward to those. The guys are going to be seeing a whole bunch of London based screenings, just because I can't afford to head down there all the time.

On the subject of me, I'm struggling with time to keep up with all the news writing, and with the film blogging arena being so crowded, I've been thinking about where the site should be going.

To work that out, and to do the tons of things I have on my todo list for Filmstalker, as well as keeping up the various different features of the site, I'm thinking about taking on some writers to do the news side which would free me up to do the other areas.

To be honest that kind of bothers me, I really love writing about films and I love the fact that Filmstalker is me. So to add more names to under the banner is something I'm really not sure about. However, I'm spread too thinly and I'm finding it hard to keep doing it and then do all the features and the behind the scenes work that I'm backing up.

So, I think we'll try adding some writers to the mix and see where that takes us. So if you're interested in doing some writing for Filmstalker then head over to Facebook and search out the Filmstalker group, join up, and we'll chat about what Filmstalker is looking for.



Can't believe I missed this post! ;)

Definitely looking forward to them London screenings! Next time perhaps Ram and myself and other Filmstalkers should go and meet up with you et al in Edinburgh for the film festival!


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