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Shatner faking Star Trek exclusion?

WilliamShatner.jpgThere's a report of a discussion that William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy had at VegasCon 2007 the other day and it reveals one of two things, either Shatner is comfortable with the idea of not being in Star Trek and is having a laugh about it, or he's in and he's having a joke with us all about not being in it.

I actually think it's the latter. After reading the exchange between the two of them and then his rant to the audience, I actually think he's been signed up for an appearance and then asked to pretend he hasn't. I'm beginning to think he's having a laugh with us all.

/Film think that too, and they carry the report from Trek Movie Report.

"Nimoy: 'How you been, Billy?' Shatner: 'I've been pretty good - not as good as you, of course!' Nimoy: 'Been working a lot?' Shatner (remorsefully): 'No, no - I've been waiting for the call. I'm hanging by the telephone waiting for the call.' Nimoy: 'I'll call you' Shatner: 'It's not the same as J.J.'"

Then they report that he went into a bit of a rant with the audience, winding them up about how he's up for two Emmy's and that he's not in Star Trek. He asks the crowd if it bothers them, which they respond it does. At one of the audience member's suggestion he says that J.J. Abrams is a great Director and Writer but that he must be suffering from mad cow disease.

Sounds hilarious, but you have to also wonder just how much of this is real. If he really was hurt about not being in would he be making such a deal out of this, and such a comic deal? Surely he would be a tad more annoyed with Leonard Nimoy if this was all read?

I do honestly now believe William Shatner is in Star Trek and that he's just winding us all up.



it would be really cool if the entire young spok/kirk story was told as flashbacks, with an elderly spok and kirk ( spok ages at least a little, right? ) looking back on things that effect them in the future for one last semi adventure...

...what i'm saying is, if this is true, I'd hope they're not just cameoing kirk and spok cheaply, and I'd hope somehow they're relevant, if at all possible to be so without time travel, to the young kirk spok story.

At this point can I point out that Kirk was killed off in Star Trek Generations. (He has been brought back in novels.)

Mogulus I think you've possibly hit the plot exactly on track. If they are both there that's how it's going to play out.

If not perhaps it's just Spock looking back as an old man, and remember they live a long time.

Morbius, I'll let the spoiler slide because everyone should know that, and if they don't does it really matter? Was he really properly killed?


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