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Shoot 'Em Up footage online

ShootEmUp.jpgThere's a clip online of one of the fight scenes from Shoot 'Em Up, the stylised action film from Michael Davis starring Clive Owen, Paul Giamatti and Monica Belluci. So far everything sounds wonderful from the film.

A simple plot and loads of action, Clive Owen playing his Sin City character isn't so great, but good, Paul Giamatti playing a super evil villain, and Monica Bellucci is...well, on screen. The trailer we saw looked superb, and now you can see this fight scene.

I have to say I watched it and got distracted from the action for a few moments because of the incessant cuts, over the mark of fast and furious, and into the realm of strobe lighting. Okay, I'm over playing it there, but there are a few moments where it does get a bit much and there's no chance to really appreciate the clever action set-ups.

You can see for yourself over at Jo Blo [Flash:Embed] through Vic's Iron Man mad Screenrant (I mean that in the nicest way!). What do you think of Shoot 'Em Up? I suspect you're going to say it's stunning and you're super excited.



Thanks for the mention, Richard.

Shoot 'em Up was a ton of fun, I saw it at the premiere and I'm sure you've read my review. :-)



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