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Shoot 'Em Up sequel talk

ShootEmUp.jpgThere's already talk of a sequel to Shoot 'Em Up, and actually much more than talk as we find out that there's a script of sorts already written. However to confuse things much more it's not really a sequel in Hollywood terms, but more in Sergio Leone terms, i.e. the characters come back in different guises, almost like a parallel universe.

Michael Davis, who wrote and directed the film, and Susan Montford, one of the film's Producers, talked about the possibilities and revealed some titbits about the potential sequel. Montford said:

"Well, Michael's already written a script and it's even wilder...It could also be a stand-alone piece as well. He's been very clever. He's written a brilliant script and it could be adapted to be a sequel or it could stand alone."

However when the creator Michael Davis was asked about the sequel he was a bit more restrained:

"Well, no, that's a misstatement...There is not a sequel planned yet. I've written another crazy wild funny action script that could be 'Shoot 'Em Up' if I made a few alterations...

...this film is very much in the tradition of Sergio Leone, and if you watch that trilogy, they're not really sequels. The same characters come back and the same actors come back, and then they have another story, so there's no reason we can't have all three of these people back in a different story and still call it 'Shoot 'Em Up 2.'"

You have to watch the original comments over at Coming Soon because there is the faintest hint of a spoiler, and if you're like me and your mind is going at a fast rate of knots then you'll probably catch it.

So a sequel to the insane action of Shoot 'Em Up? Well I'm sure there'll be a big call for it, especially if the two names of Clive Owen and Paul Giamatti are interested.



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