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Silva's spy tales to rival Bourne?

The Daniel Silva novels tell the story of a Mossad agent who was part of the covert team that avenged the murder of the Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics, who retired after his family were killed. However it seems he didn't stay that way as Silva has written a series of novels based on the character.

Now it looks as though that franchise is about to make it to film with the latest novel, The Messenger. Not the first in the series of six books, but the last. Seems a bit daft to me, but that's Hollywood.

What is interesting about this story from Variety is that Pierre Morel is set to direct, he is the long time cinematographer of Luc Besson and has already Directed both Banlieue 13 and Taken.

With this in mind, and thinking of the style that Besson and Morel produce, I think we could be in for a franchise to take over from the Bourne series. I'm not sure how much action there is in the Silva novels, but looking at the spy story alone and Morel, I think it could be an interesting series.



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