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Singleton directs Berry and Thornton in Tulia

JohnSingleton.jpgThe film Tulia didn't really grab me when I first heard about it, but now there's a name attached that has my notice, John Singleton.

While Singleton is trying to decide between Luke Cage and Black Panther superhero movies, according to Variety he's been snapped up for the film that tells the story of a lawyer who fights to overturn drug convictions against some forty-six individuals where there was no physical evidence whatsoever.

Tulia already stars Halle Berry and Billy Bob Thornton, a good mixture on screen, and a script from Karen Croner, but it's the John Singleton name that really has me interested. I do like his cinematic style, and he can tell a great tale too. So you can keep Cage and Panther for now, I'm locking my sights onto this film.



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