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Singleton suggests Blank Panther actor

ChiwetelEjiofor.jpgIt seems that today is casting news day with John Singleton revealing who his choice for the actor in Black Panther would be, and I think he's hit the nail right on the head with this choice.

While John Singleton still talking about Tyrese Gibson for the role of Luke Cage, for his other superhero film he says that Chiwetel Ejiofor could play The Black Panther. The story comes from Reelzchannel through Superhero Hype.

Ejiofor is a great actor, huge presence, and he's pretty big too. Now if he fancies taking up the role I could really see him as a superhero, I've seen him in a number of roles and all of them he's been superb. What's also interesting is that he's in a martial arts fighting film right now called Redbelt, so he's nice and bulked for the part.

What's interesting though is that he's such a strong actor first and foremost and is pretty damn good at his Shakespeare. Would it be too much for a Black Panther film? Probably not if it's going to have a strong script and a decent budget.



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