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Snyder talks Watchmen production

Watchmen_Poster.jpgZack Snyder has been talking some about his work on Watchmen and where they are so far. He sounds very positive about it all, although the previous talk that nothing would be changed seems to be slipping slightly.

Now before I go on I'm expecting things to change. Despite his word that the setting and such would remain the same, there's no way it could be identical. After all if it is then where's the uniqueness, where are the surprises, where's the suspense? Are only new fans going to find it that exciting and the other Watchmen fans will view it thinking how wonderfully each frame has made it to the screen?

So you have to expect some things will change, and over at Comic-Con through Rope of Silicon he's started talking about the little things.

"I always say to the production designers, "Imagine the book was written 2000 years ago, not 20 years ago. Treat it like that." I think Nite-Owl needs a little love. There's a line in the graphic novel where he says, "The thugs are scared of the outfit." They're afraid he's going to belly knock us down!"

So superficial at the moment, but I have to hope and expect that I'm not going to be sitting through frame by frame of the comic book, although that will be amazing, I'd like to feel dragged into it and as thought I was watching it anew.

Interestingly he says that they are working on Doctor Manhattan right now, and Rorschach is as he was. The sets are being made right now, so it's happening for real. Blake's apartment is created and they even have picked out the drain for his fall. Superb.

He also talked about the work required for the Mars scenes and other such special effects heavy moments, all of which will be filmed in a 300 style, rather than the straight filming style that he'll use for the rest of the film.

It's amazing to think that this film is actually getting made, especially considering that it has been through so much to get here, and the studio's have been largely responsible for messing it about. However now it looks like that might be changing and the studio have backed off, although originally Zack Snyder says that it was quite difficult to get Watchmen accepted.

"I don't know that they do, exactly, and that's okay, because they acknowledge that. We had a round of notes, pretty heavy notes, when they were thinking the movie was PG-13, and that led me to go, "Guys, these notes are weird. No like, the Comedian can't assault Sally? The child molester can't be a child molester?" I'm like, "These are crazy notes, this is like the book." They were like, "Well, we're just concerned about the PG-13," and I was like, "What PG-13?" But once we all said it's not going to be PG-13, I haven't really had any notes since then."

Thankfully though he's pressing ahead, and it really does seem like we're going to get the Watchmen on the big screen finally. As I say though, I just hope that for people like me who have read the comic quite a few times, that the film can still capture me and not just walk me along a moving version of the comic.



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