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Sommers to direct G.I. Joe film?

GIJoe.jpgI still find it hard to believe that there's going to be a G.I. Joe film, but there is, and the word is that Paramount Pictures have asked Stephen Sommers to direct it.

Hold off the lawyers Paramount, I'm sure you want this kind of positive publicity, if you don't perhaps you could just get in contact politely like real human beings.

Anyway, back to the rumour. The story from IESB through /Film suggests that the script is also going to be a mix of the two already written, one being from the action orientated Skip Woods.

The idea of Stephen Sommers directing a film based on G.I. Joe, a popular U.S. cartoon, comic book and action figure isn't that bad I think. Sommers has done some similar work in Mummy and Van Helsing, and they've come out as expected. Cheesy, fun, action, adventure and larger than life. Isn't that the whole idea of G.I. Joe?

Joe isn't meant to be a reality based story as far as I can tell, so couldn't his vision work out pretty well for the character?

As Michael points out it's unclear what this means for Sommer's When World's Collide which is currently in pre-production. Hopefully it means that Joe will continue after that film, because I have no interest in seeing Joe over the World's film. Anyway, currently G.I. Joe is showing 2010 on IMDB with the When Worlds Collide remake on 2008.

I struggle with this concept reaching the big screen and I'd definitely rather see something a little more original. What do you fans of G.I. Joe think?



Michael Bay isn't free? He loves his military porn (see transformers, armageddon, etc) and I thought he would have been ideal.


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