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Speed Racer video Q&A

There's a short Q&A video for Speed Racer online with a few rapid fire answers, some cartoon panel comparisons, and most importantly, a look at Emile Hirsch behind the wheel of the full size Mach 5.

Unfortunately he's not actually going all out on a track, but at least sitting in the seat of a full size model is the next best thing.

It certainly looks good, and some of the actors have something positive to say about the film, and there's a lot of footage of the original comic. You can see the whole featurette in the main article.

Speed Racer, if you didn't know, comes from the original anime where the racing legend of Rex Racer is killed during a race means that Speed Racer has to step up to take his place in the family racing business. He races superbly in his father's built and maintained Mach 5 racer and is approached by a huge corporation behind the racing to join with them.

Speed turns down the offer and keeps the family business going which angers the corporation who then set out to ensure that the family team don't finish. However during the offer Speed finds out that the races are being fixed by the corporations behind them – heaven forbid that happen in real racing – and the plot is set.

From YouTube through MoviesOnline.



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