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Stalked: Another street fighting film and Jackass for film

ChrisPontius.jpgAnother is the name of this little Stalked edition with another underground L.A. street fighting film being made and another Jackass star heading to the big screen. Blood and Bone and Chris Pontius aka Party Boy.

Another Jackass star is heading for the big screen, Chris Pontius is known as Party Boy in the Jackass show and he's set to bring his stripping persona to the big screen in a comedy written by Jason Nutt. According to Variety the story will see Pontius' character fall for the perfect girl and is persuaded to be a male stripper by his father-in-law. To me that sounds just plain wrong...I'd be out of there in a flash.

Another underground street fighting film is on its way, this one is called Blood and Bone and comes from scriptwriter Michael Andrews. The story sees a drifter called Bone get pulled into the underground fighting circuit in L.A. which is controlled by the mob. According to Variety Ben Ramsey is directing, interestingly he's marked on IMDB as directing the comic adaptation of Luke Cage.



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