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Stalked: Beaufort bought and P2 release date

RachelNicols.jpgThe horror P2 gets a release date, and the Isreali war film Beaufort gets U.S. distribution rights.

I Just saw the Isreali film Beaufort today at the Edinburgh International Film Festival, and an announcement has been made through Variety that the film has been bought for U.S. distribution. I enjoyed the film and its look at the individual soldiers stuck inside a famous fort in Lebanon, awaiting the official withdrawal. It looks at their state of minds and the effect that the war has around them. It actually is a strong anti-war film. Keep watching for the review, see the quick review in the meantime.

P2 is the horror film written and directed by Franck Khalfoun with writing and production assistance from Alexandre Aja which is entirely based in a public parking structure where a woman is being stalked. Hence the title P2, parking level 2. It stars Rachel Nichols as the gorgeous woman stalked. Now word is out through Bloody Disgusting about the release date for the U.S. and that's November 9. December is a possibility for Europe.



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