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Stalked: Casablanca remake and Johnny Quest

Casablanca.jpgA couple of projects announced today are an Indian remake of Casablanca and the sixties children's show Johnny Quest.

Johnny Quest is a sixties Hanna-Barbera show that featured a young boy following his scientist father through some exciting adventures along with his adopted brother from Calcutta and his pet bulldog pup...does this sound like a rougher Tintin? The story was adapted from radio and has had multiple attempts at making it to the big screen. Dan Mazeau is set to write the screenplay. The story from Yahoo News.

Casablanca is to be remade in India and will be called Ezham Mudra, changing the setting to a restaurant in southern India and the owner will help his lover, who is a Tamil separatist rebel fighting the Sri Lankan government, escape from the country. The film's Director Rajeev Nath told Reuters through the BBC that the film will not be political and will be a tribute to the original.



Actually, I'd really like to see a Bollywood or at least Indian take/homage/etc. on Casablanca. Interesting.


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