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Stalked Cornish denies Bond, Rodriguez and Lang join Avatar

MichelleRodriguez.jpgAbbie Cornish is denying the Bond girl rumour, although now she's right in the running for it, and Stephen Lang and Michelle Rodriguez join James Cameron aboard Avatar.

Abbie Cornish' representative has said that she has not been chosen for the new Bond film, she hasn't even been considered. Moviehole caught the very hard and public denial through the Sydney Morning Herald, and quite rightly Clint points out that no publicity is bad publicity. Thanks to the words of her friend Rose Byrne, the Bond producers now know who Cornish is. The representative is sitting by the phone smiling.

Stephen Lang and Michelle Rodriguez have joined James Cameron's Avatar, the new technology, 2009 set, science fiction film from the amazing Director. Lang will play a seasoned Marine Corps Colonel who is in charge of the troops on the planet of Pandora. Rodriguez will play an ex-Marine pilot according to Variety.



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