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Stalked: Dark Knight, Shoot 'Em Up and Sleuth footage

MonicaBellucci.jpgTrailers and clips online for Dark Knight's silly named Bat Pod, the red band trailer for Shoot 'Em Up and a totally accessible trailer for the Sleuth remake.

There's more fan footage of the shooting locations for The Dark Knight and this time they've got shots of Batman racing about on his Bat Pod...whatever the hell that is. In other words, Bat Bike, but that name is too camp! You can see the footage over at IESB.

A red band trailer has arrived for the Clive Owen, Paul Giamatti and gorgeous Monica Belluci, but unfortunately the inanely stupid US only restrictions for the trailer mean anyone who can't get a proper address from the US won't be able to see it. I've tried the old trick of searching Google for “address new york” and ended up trying zip codes for anything from the UN to a baker. No chance. So if you can find the direct stream or download it, let us know! See it over at the official site through Jo Blo.

I'm dying to see the Sleuth remake from Kenneth Branagh starring Michael Caine and Jude Law, but the first viewing of the trailer was a little disappointing. It was also restricted to see. Now IGN have it online and available to download in QT and WMV formats.



Here's a direct link for the Shoot 'em Up red bad trailer: http://pdl.stream.aol.com/newline/gl/newline/trailers/seu/ShootEmUp_RedBand_InternetTR_High_dl.flv
It's a 24MB Flash video file.

Affenheimtheaterbesitzer - You are a god. Thanks for the link!

You're welcome ;)


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