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Stalked: Darkest Hour, Valet, Game

Book.jpgYou know there are some mornings I read these announcements and think that things could work out well in films, for these early announcements of films on scripts in development and speculative scripts sound exciting and positive. I think it's because we can put our own thoughts behind those short one line ideas.

There are three new scripts announced today which caught my eye, the last one mainly because it sounds so awful, but the other two because they have a certain something shining in the background that just might be positive.

Regency have a new project called The Darkest Hour in a speculative script from Leslie Bohem. Variety are telling us that it's an action thriller that puts a twist into the classic science fiction theme...whatever that means. Bohem was a writer on the TV series Taken as well as Daylight and Dante's Peak.

Alcon have Valet in development, a film which is based on the true story of a parking valet who becomes obsessed with a woman and begins to slowly "insert" himself into her life". The story comes from Variety.

Spyglass has The Game in development, a film which is based on the book by Neil Strauss. Dan Weiss is set to adapt the story which Chris Weitz was set to direct until he went over to The Golden Compass. The story is about an average guy who tries to become the best pick-up artist using experts in seduction. Variety have that story too.



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