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Stalked: Death Race, Claire Danes, Slipstream, Nines

JavierBardem.jpgNatalie Martinez is in talks to join the Death Race 2000 remake in Death Race from Paul W.S. Anderson. She would play the part of Case, the navigator assigned to Jason Statham's character who is planning to escape the death racing circuit. She joins his cause and aides him in his escape plans. The story comes from Yahoo News.

MTV Movies Blog, the site that won't let anyone outside the U.S. and Canada see their videos, has a clip from the lovely Claire Danes saying that she would not reprise her role from Terminator 3: The Rise of the Machines for the upcoming Terminator films.

According to Yahoo News the Anthony Hopkins' scored, written and directed film Slipstream is getting a limited release and will also see a DVD release by Sony. The film charts the breakdown of a writer as his characters begin to come to life around him.

Total Film tells us that Javier Bardem is being eyed for the lead of Rob Marshall's Nine, the story of the director Guido Contini and the different relationships with the women in his life. It looks as though Penélope Cruz is being lined up to play his mistress, Catherine Zeta-Jones his muse, Marion Cotillard his wife, and Sophia Loren his mother. Now there's a cast.



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