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Stalked: Death Sentence clips and Punisher R-rating

KevinBacon.jpgThe new Punisher film is a complete series restart with an R-rating and there are twelve new Death Sentence clips online.

I didn't realise that the new Punisher film was going to be a total restart for the franchise rather than a sequel, but that's what it is being touted as. Variety has the news which tells us little from what we already know - The Punisher is to be Ray Stevenson from Rome, and the Director is Lexi Alexander who filmed the very strong and violent Green Street (Filmstalker review). What is interesting is that they are aiming for an R-rating.

There are a bunch of clips online for the Kevin Bacon starrer Death Sentence. The film sees Bacon playing a normal man who grows to realise that he will stop at nothing to protect and avenge his family. Kelly Preston and John Goodman also star in the James Wan film. Bloody Disgusting have the twelve clips of the film.



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